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ABG jepang yang imut telanjang


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Kamis, 08 Juli 2010

Kinaryosih hot and sexy girls

Kinaryosih born in Jakarta, 3 March 1979. He is an actress that has a number of film and soap opera star. Women commonly called Kinar the start to the world of entertainment through the model stage. From here Kinaryosih reach first champion Femina face 1997, which then delivers himself to the film world. New in 2001, Kinaryosih start act in the soap opera. Kinaryosih soap opera is INDAHNYA CINTA, ROMANTIKA, AKU CINTA KAMU, PERKAWINAN SEDARAH, WULAN and TV SERIAL JOMBLO.


foto Kinaryosih

foto fhm Kinaryosih

Kinaryosih bugil

toket Kinaryosih

Kinaryosih get the opportunity to support wide-screen film director Lola Amaria, Betina. Then followed the last film and Alexandria, Mendadak Dangdut Rudi Sudjarwo landing. Through the film itself and then get the image of grace Cup 2006 category of best female helpmate.

While women with large breasts are often the complaint, it must be simply because of some problems that arose in May with a well-equipped front, especially when buying a bikini swimsuit. One of the main problems that women with large breasts have the support and comfort provided by the bikini top.
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If you want to draw attention to her breasts, the best way is to ensure that their funds are interesting in some way to have more details on the substance in bikini tops. Coordinate the use of a handkerchief around his hip bikini bottom gives way to a more stylish and attract new attention.

Luna Maya very sexy indo celeb

Luna Maya initiated his career as a model. Women who have a 173 cm high dive into the world this role in 2004 through the 30 Day Search for Love. In the film, which also Luna Maya younger brother uterus peselancar national tipi Jabrik role as Barbara, a beautiful girl nan section which is the ideal man. This is the first role as a leader antagonis Luna Maya.

Successful role in Barbara, who is also the icon Luna Maya this film back in the Brownies in 2005. Landing in the film director Hanung Bramantyo, the Luna Maya get a small role. Luna Maya first role as main figures are as Mina in Bangsal 13 in the same year.

Foto Dugem Julie Estele

Julie Estelle telanjang

foto dugem Julie Estelle

Julie Estelle mabuk

Julie Estelle

Julie Estelle bugil

foto toket Julie Estelle

foto telanjang Julie Estelle

Julie Estelle telanjang bugil

KUNTILANAK 3 movie star, Julie Estelle, admit that her sexy pictures that go around at internet with Moreno Soeprapto moment go on vacation at balinese. but, he dislikes to admit if she circularize photo.

"That photo is really i and moreno. but, i do not know to who circularize the pictures, " Julie Estelle say.

Julie Estelle Bikini Beach Girl

Julie Estelle telanjang

Julie Estelle bugil

Julie Estelle bikini

foto Julie Estelle bugil

Julie Estelle bugil telanjang

Recently photographs Julie Estelle with bikini which is with Moreno Soeprapto disseminates wide in internet. But simply the clamour do not make anxious Julie. Met in Sarinah, last night, this KUNTILANAK star only assumes photograph like that still in proper level. Finite for his unnecessary busy performs clarification.

More than anything else she is not only both with Reno. But with big family Reno. " Which the woman is the sister of Reno," explains Julie.

The picture, said Julie, taken when they are year-end vacation then in Lombok island. " If the photograph then disseminates in internet, that sure of work of people fad only. So unnecessary clarified," says this Cathy Sharon sister beside

Julie Estelle at KUNTILANAK 3

For the third time of Julie Estelle returns to to become star in film KUNTILANAK 3. This is trilogy from director Rizal Mantovani. With shooting process during 25 days in three towns at Bandung, Bogor and Depok.

Takes location most of mountain region is alternated by high rain intensity. Practical of all location as of taste makes stiff of bone Julie. More than anything else she have time to do retrieval of picture at two early mornings with heavy rain.

"At that time my am very chilled. At the end, my concentration declines because the coldness," says Julie in Belleza Permata Hijau, in event of press junket KUNTILANAK 3 film.

The plan, this film will be turned around at mid of March, next month. Differs from two former KUNTILANAK serieses. This of character Julie as Samantha, figure having caller science Kuntilanak, do not much talk. So she is more exploitingly the mimick face.

"It not so hard, because I guided to be same of acting coach during reading," said this VJ Cathy sister.

Julie Estelle Hot and Sexy Girls

Top Model Julie Estelle shown her perfect body at Playboy Magazine Indonesia

Remember, a dream is just a dream, but it becomes a goal when you write, put an end date on it, and begin at a stage today.

It comes with the confidence of small successes and failures.

I never meet a girl or a woman when she asks me if it may or may not be a model throughout history because people have done and regretted later. The type of engineering drawing of the Titanic "unsinkable."

They also often refer to two other "failures" in the world of entertainment.

The first said he had no voice and had to return to his job driving a truck. This was Elvis Presley.

The second is a new rock band in the early sixties. They were told by a major studio with guitars, the bands are on their way "and were rejected. This small group was the Beatles.

Therefore, you're in good company, if it is rejected by an agency. Always ask, "What is the worst that could happen if they apply to an organization?"

I think the obvious answer is the worst that can happen is they say no. If yes, then they are not worse than what you are now. But if he says yes.